Welcome to Flavor-town!

What’s up my favorite stoners! Bored of smoking that same green homegrown? Wanting to experiment with other strains in your garden? Only grew one strain? Bugs all up inside of your bud? Mold? Did you harvest a tad bit early? Or dry it out too long??? Come on down where science meets cultivation. All of our strains are tested for bugs, sprays, and THC/CBD! We’ve got Purple Punch, Fruity Pepples, and Forbidden Fruit! Just to start with! Welcome to Flavor town! Your taste buds, and all the way from your nose to your toes will thank you for introducing some real clean, pure, cannabis! You totally gotta come check out our Purple Punch, that stuff is shhhtinky and full of trichromes for ya dome, and resin glads exploding with THC!
Check out these sweet deals!

Purple Punch 3.5g … $25
Fruity Pebbles 3.5g … $25
Forbidden Fruit 3.5g … $15
Rainbow OG pre-roll 3 pack … $20
And many more on the shelf!

All the THC’s you want, at a price you can dig!